Your personal biography for and About Me page or LinkedIn profile gives potential clients and others an important glimpse into your capabilities and professional philosophies. 

A well-designed one sparks interest and impresses without sounding like self-promotion. 

Learning how to write a biography is one of the most important steps in establishing a strong online presence that attracts attention and converts.

LinkedIn Profile biography

Pick a Purpose for Your Personal Biography

A professional online biography lets people know who you are, what you stand for, and the types of things you can do for them. While this may seem obvious, determining the main purpose of every biography you share online matters. It is not all about you.

An page or a LinkedIn profile should not include an exhaustive autobiography of every school you ever attended, every job you ever had, your family life, and what you like to do in your free time. 

More is not always better. 

Target every version of your biography to provide value to the people you want to see it.

Basic information for your online biography includes:

  • Your full professional name
  • Current job or position in a company
  • Relevant achievements and awards
  • A few interesting and unique personal facts
  • Goals, mission statement, and future plans
  • The value you bring to anyone reading your biography

Remember that a personal biography is not a resume. Instead, it is a story of who you are and why others should take notice.

Focus on Your Story, Not Your Business

The Internet is so full of advertising and marketing content that the average consumer or B2B contact recognizes it at a glance and shies away from it automatically. The increased interconnectivity of the world and anti-commercial attitudes make personal connections more important than ever.

Your potential clients and customers want to know who they will be working with. Your personal biography must focus on the human side of things rather than a business.

This does not mean you share clever anecdotes or pictures of your dog unless they are pertinent to your main professional purpose. Instead, focus on abilities, passions, core values, and philosophies that affect how you will approach a business relationship with them.

Five Essential Qualities of an Online Biography

When you learn how to write a biography for your own website, his social media platform, or any other purpose, a strong focus on the benefits you bring without advertising makes sense. To make the best first impression possible and increase your personal reputation, you need the following five qualities.

1.     Write in the third person using he, she, or they.

2.     Edit ruthlessly. The quality of the writing matters.

3.     Include pertinent links to your website or other work.

4.     Share contact information to convert interest action.

5.     Optimize your biography for search engines and marketing.

When you learn how to write a personal biography for the Internet, it can open up professional doors whether you are looking for a full-time job or trying to engage potential clients or customers

Keep things personal enough to build a trustworthy connection while focusing on the specific purpose behind your presence. 

Whether you posted on your business website, LinkedIn page, or any other platform, tailor your bio specifically to your goals and interests of your target audience.