If you are searching for a job, chances are that you have passed out your résumé numerous times with no callbacks. The problem may not be that you are under qualified, but you may be overwhelming employers with unnecessary information. You may want to make revisions, as we list five top outdated elements on résumés.

1. Objective Statements: Objective statements are a waste of space nowadays. Most employers know that they are there to fluff up your profile, so use that space more effectively. You should prepare a cover letter in its place. Cover letters provide more substance as to why you deserve the position that you are applying for.

2. Personal Information: Information like your address, medical history and social security number are irrelevant on your résumé these days. Besides, employers may not shred rejected résumés, leaving your personal information out there to be swiped. An email address, telephone and your LinkedIn URL should suffice.

3. “References Upon Request”: Employers will usually consider this statement a given if they decide to bring you in for an interview. You can replace this by having a list of your most recent supervisors’ contact information on hand. You could also have people who worked with you, or have done business with you write recommendations on your behalf on LinkedIn.

4. Listing All Positions Held: If you held a lot of positions in your lifetime, you may want to refrain from posting all of them. Résumé space is limited, so is the attention span of the employer. Switch to a functional résumé to highlight skills that you have acquired, that are relevant to the position that you’re applying for. Remember: less is more.

5. Jargon: Using jargon that is utilized throughout the industry on your résumé may be a huge mistake. The folly in throwing around vernacular that is used within your industry is that the guy in HR, that reviews your résumé, may not.