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David A. Singleton Explains How to Keep the Community of Maplewood Safe

David A. Singleton on Community safety

Having worked for the Maplewood City Council since 2017, David A. Singleton has been at the forefront of ensuring the well-being of a community he was born and raised in. As a leader in the Maplewood city council, he understands that we are responsible for the community’s safety. We also understand that without community safety in Maplewood, the city’s overall value will be weighed down.

“My counsel on the well-being of the Maplewood community has been instrumental over the years. Here are tips for community safety in Maplewood that will continue making Maplewood a peaceful and comfortable place.” Stated David A. Singleton.

1. Installing surveillance cameras

Installing surveillance cameras across different points of Maplewood will do a lot for safety. For one, it will ensure that wrongdoers are brought to justice, and they serve as an example to the community, and at the same time, prevent crime. 

A study conducted on CCTV’s impact on preventing crime showed that CCTV cameras’ availability reduced crime by 16%. Knowing that they are being watched, criminals will be less confident about robbing pedestrians, breaking into houses, and stealing in car parks.

2. Keeping Maplewood residents informed

Knowledge is power, and more so in ensuring the safety of the community. If the police are on the hunt looking for a notorious criminal, it is wise to keep the residents in the know for two reasons. One, so that they can take the necessary precautions and avoid being the next victims of crime and also so that they can help law enforcement with tracking down criminals. 

Keeping the community informed on what is going on around them, be it wanted persons or community safety initiatives in place, will go a long way.

3. Hire security personnel

According to David Singleton, Law enforcement agents sworn in by the government may not be adequate to meet the community’s security needs. While there is a shortage of personnel, the community needs to take the initiative and hire private security personnel to ensure that their property is well-guarded at all times.

When this happens, the rate of break-ins will reduce significantly. Also, it will be hard for criminals to commit crimes as they will be watched. 

4. Proper maintenance of property and grounds

“Contrary to what most people think and focus on, safety goes beyond crime. Community safety covers personal safety, a reduction in accidents, and much more. Practicing personal safety will result in community safety. Repairing broken roofs, cutting down dead trees, getting rid of potholes, and similar initiatives will go a long way.” Singleton Stated.

This will prevent accidents which, alongside crime, are a threat to community safety.


David A. Singleton concluded that Community safety starts at the personal level. The contribution of each member of the Maplewood community is vital to the overall safety. Installing cameras, hiring guards, maintaining grounds, and supporting law enforcement agencies in their initiatives to combat crime will help make Maplewood safe.

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