Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can find career opportunities working in the social services sector, or in private practice as a therapist. Many psychology graduates find work in the field of mental health. Careers in this area include psychiatric technicians and mental health technicians. In most cases, these individuals work directly under the supervision of a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

OccupationSalary (up to)
Art Therapist$50,920
Child Psychologist$53,350
Clinical Psychologist$61,700
Crisis Counselor$35,420
Employment Specialist$57,880
Forensic Psychologist$48,620
High School Teacher$44,850
Human Resources Specialist$48,530
Marriage Counselor$52,370
Medical Assistant$34,000
Mental Health$37,470
Non-Profit Management$58,630
Psychology Professor$65,790
Residential Counselor$31,640
School Psychologist$59,300
Social Worker$47,950
Substance Abuse Counselor$39,520