Libraries play a significant role in communities where people gather to seek knowledge, share ideas, and build connections. However, getting a library working isn’t easy because it costs a lot. Therefore, there is a need for a strategic approach to successfully raise the money needed to start a standard library that will be useful to most people. Here are some ideas for library funding based on expert suggestions by veteran library director Riti Grover

Live Music Event

Music is a universal language that everyone loves and understands. Therefore, there is no better way to gather people in one place for the sake of knowledge than through music. Organize a live music event and invite people to participate for free. For this event, asking for payment for admission might be enticing but should not be the method. Instead, you should rather allow as many people as possible to come and then solicit funds and donations from them. Make an impression with them by letting them know what the money will be used for, and you are on your way to raising enough money to fund your library project. 

Food And Drink Festival 

Food only comes second to music when you rate those things that will attract people to gather for your event. You can organize a food and drink festival and invite people to come and have fun tasting fantastic food and drinks. Wine tasting should also be added to the mix to ensure people with diverse interests show up at the event. For this, you will need to charge for tickets for the entry and let participants know that the proceeds will be used for establishing a library that will benefit the community. 

Boardgame Tournament 

Many people like to compete because it is inside our DNA to want to prove our superiority. A board game tournament is the ultimate gaming experience with so many advantages. It doesn’t involve physical activities, which means that more people from diverse demography can participate, including kids, adults, and elders. You may put them in categories if you like, with possible sentimental prices to be won. Participants in the board game tournament will have to pay a certain fee to participate, and you can also seek a tournament sponsor who would bring in more money and settle other expenses. 

Fun Races 

Invite families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to your fun, fast, and energetic fun races event that will be good for raising money and value to the participants’ health. Fun races can be held in the open field and organized based on rules, regulations, and other details that make it exciting. Riti Grover suggests that when it comes to raising money through fun races, there are endless opportunities to make it a success. You can ask for donations, sell race merchandise like t-shirts, and so on. Some companies might also be willing to sponsor the event if you approached them. 

Mini Golf Competition

Golf is regarded as a wealthy people’s game, and you can use that mindset to attract players to your event. Organize a mini-golf competition among rich players and seek donations from them. Try to build a good relationship with them, so you will find it easier to approach them the next time you need their support. 

Book Themed Parties 

Everyone loves parties because it offers an opportunity to unwind, relax, have fun, and connect with other people. While the hardworking people you invite have fun and reduce stress, you can ask them for donations about your cause. Remember that it has to be a book-themed party, so everything you’ll be using, from the interior décor to the invitation card, must set participants up in the mood and inspire them to donate.