In an attempt to enable a green recovery and to speed up the fight against climate change, many businesses have been called to shrink their carbon footprint by implementing renewable energy solutions. When determining a path to sourcing renewable energy solutions, businesses are confronted with a variety of factors that change by market and regulatory conditions such as: greening their supply chains, reducing direct emissions from energy use, and improving energy efficiency.

Reports state that to avoid catastrophic climate change and to stay below 1.5°C of global warming, the world must reduce carbon emissions by half by 2030. This means that the world needs to transition into a low-carbon economy, and very quickly. In place of fossil fuel and other resource energy, clean and renewable energy need to be adopted by individuals and businesses to achieve this feat. 

Since companies are always in the business of finding new ways to be more successful, switching to renewable energy is definitely an option to consider. According to New Mexico Water & Electric, carbon reduction central to business strategy is not only beneficial to our planet’s health, but it is also key to staying competitive as a business. It won’t only help a company’s bottom line, but will also help to attract new customers and investors. We can simply say that renewable energy provides opportunities to get involved with a solution that would benefit both people (businesses) and the planet.

One great way to achieve a much-needed public relations boost is by going green. In times like this when leaving even very little impact on the environment is essential, and people are looking to make more conscious purchasing choices, you would want to show your customers, clients, and communities that you care about their wellbeing and that you have their best interest at heart. You can only achieve this by making smart decisions that show that your values align with the strategic choice your business makes. This could make the difference for a client to choose your business over your competitors.

Businesses also stand to get a powerful return on investment with renewable energy. When your business adopts a renewable energy form, you receive a pretty hefty return on your investment by way of saving you money that would otherwise go to your energy bills, repairs, and maintenance fees. Though the initial investment may be large, in the long run, it saves you more money. 

Strategic decisions as regards the adoption of renewable energy can also push your business ahead of your competitors. If many people are yet to switch to renewable energy in your industry, switching first can set you apart from others and make you a leader in that industry. Your business will be perceived as forward-thinking, progressive, and agile. Even after others would have made the switch, they’ll remember you were among the first to switch and so they’ll look up to you in the future for more inspiration about industry trends.

Regardless of how big or small your business is, renewable energy can bring so many benefits to it. It is also a good way to leave your footprint on the planet and differentiate your business from others. Your clients and customers would be more willing to do business with you when they are convinced that you care about their health.