Customer is king sounds cliché, but it is still valid. How a customer views your product is more important than any other aspect of product marketing. A great product about which has a negative customer perception may never make headway in the market.

Important as the view on a product is, customer perception goes beyond the product to include the product’s and the entire company’s culture. What would they say if someone told them to describe the business in one word? Getting answers to this question is vital to help a business understand how customers perceive it and take the necessary corrective measures.

Importance of Customer Perception

Today’s fast-shifting business environment makes businesses significantly crisis-prone. Having built trust with customers over time works as a bulwark for the company in times of crisis. Trust is also vital for the day-to-day running of a business; product quality doesn’t matter if customers don’t trust you.

You are the first advocate for your product, and customers will not even believe what you say the product does for them. Customers who don’t trust a business would rather go for an inferior product because they know where they stand and what to expect.

The other important aspect of perception is the values customers believe you hold. Today buyers don’t just buy a product for its utility; they want to feel that the business aligns with their values. This is a significant consideration among millennials and the generations that come after them.

 A recent survey found that over 70% of customers prefer to buy from businesses that care about the same things as them. This trend may be attributed to increased purchasing power by millennials and later generations. Your company values, therefore, need to be clear to enable customers to identify them accurately.

What informs customer perceptions?

Quality of Customer Service

When people buy goods or services from a business, they expect to be treated right. After all, they are king. If the customer service isn’t satisfactory, customers will consider the entire business snobbish and unprofessional. The customer service department is the face of the company, and it must be primed to ensure it not only offers good service to customers but also portrays customer values.

Customer Reviews and How You Handle Them

What customers say about your business and products online is essential. These reviews grow in importance as enterprises move increasingly online. Many customers now go online to read about other customers’ experiences before doing business. You hope for positive, but you can always expect some negative ones; ensure you respond to them convincingly. This meets the needs of aggrieved customers while showing potential buyers that the business is responsive.

How You Market Your Product

Effective use of available media to market creates a particular perception of the business. Creative marketing ensures can communicate both trustworthiness and company values. Through marketing, you have complete control of the perception customers get.