Thousands of books are published each year to help us find answers and solutions to our business challenges. Public speaking is a skill that takes tremendous practice and study to perfect. If you have ever been to an event with a talented speaker, they make you feel excited, emotional, funny and interested all with their words. Is there a secret to someone being more passionate? Or can these skills be learned?

In this article, you’ll find ten different books that will give you the insights you need to improve public speaking. You’ll find books that will help you build your confidence, help you choose the right words, and truly captivate your audience. 

Let’s get to it! 

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Top 10 Professional Speakers Books

  1. Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up- by Jerry Colonna

Jerry’s “Reboot” inspires us to hold ourselves responsible for our choices and for the possibility of achieving our dreams. 

Reboot can help you become a better leader, and in fact, a better person. It offers insights into why you need to grow yourself to grow a business. Beautiful written!

Jerry Colonna assists start-up CEOs to deal with their demons. These are the behavioral and psychological patterns that have made them successful, but have also been detrimental to their relationships. This former venture capitalist and executive coach uses a unique combination of Jungian therapy, Buddhism, and business straight talk to help leaders overcome their psychological traumas. Reboot is a radical journey of self-inquiry that will help you reset your life and get rid of the emotional baggage holding you back in your professional relationships.

Jerry has helped CEOs and their top team to reach their full potential by helping them to use the raw material of life to find meaning, build strong interpersonal bonds and become bolder, more compassionate leaders. Reboot is a book that inspires people to take responsibility for their actions and the possibility of achieving their goals.

We don’t have to be miserable by work. Jerry strongly believes that work can help us reach our fullest potential. Sometimes, we need a chance to reset and reconnect with our deepest selves, and with one another. Reboot is a way to start this journey.

The audiobook includes a PDF supplement.

  1. When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing- by Daniel H. Pink

In “When,” the author presents cutting-edge research and data on timing. He synthesizes them into a great, readable narrative, filled with stories you can’t resist, and practical takeaways that offer compelling insights into how readers can live richer and more engaged lives. 

Despite presenting our time-based weakness, pink brings us good news about how to make up for these weaknesses. Many of the tips offered will require you to slow down and take breaks. Though they won’t stop time from moving, you’ll at least fill those hours a bit better.

Timing is everything, everyone knows this. We don’t really know anything about timing. Life is a continuous stream of “when” decisions. When to start a business, when to schedule a class or get serious about someone. We make these decisions based on intuition, guesswork and gut instinct.

It is often believed that timing is an art. Pink demonstrates that timing is a science in When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.

Pink draws on an extensive collection of research from psychology and biology as well as economics to show how to live, work and succeed. How can we make the most of the hidden patterns in our day to create the perfect schedule? What is it that makes certain breaks so beneficial for student test scores? How can we make a stumble into a new beginning? Why shouldn’t we avoid the hospital in the afternoons? Singing with others is as good as exercising. What is the best time to quit your job, change careers, or get married?

Pink takes cutting-edge data and research on timing and combines them into an engaging narrative that is packed with compelling stories and practical takeaways. This book will give listeners fascinating insights into how to live richer and more fulfilled lives.


  1. The Best Public Speaking Book- by Matt Deaton

In this ambitiously-titled book (Second edition, 2019), the author presents everything you need to know from preparation to posture, microphones to mindset, hand gestures to hecklers, for a perfect presentation. 

The online philosophy professor, former comedy club host and keynote speaker prepared this book clearly and concisely, without sacrificing wisdom or details to give you all you need for your next public speaking role.

Matt Deaton, a former comedian club host, is now an online philosophy professor and keynote speaker. In the second edition, his ambitiously named The Best Public Speaking Book, he covers everything, from posture to mindset to microphones, hand gestures to hecklers, microphones to mindset to posture. He does it all with such a charming levity that it’s easy to forget that you’re learning something more frightening than death (at least according Seinfeld). His Three Commandments are the core of his approach:

  1. The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell- by Paul Smith

This book digs into the journey behind success, breaking down the importance of your company’s story and shows you how to craft yours. “The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell” makes for a quick and easy read, giving you practical ideas to use immediately.

How can you engage your team as a CEO, manager or leader? How can you build trust with your customers so that they believe in you as much as you do?

Paul Smith is a world-renowned expert in business storytelling. He helps people become more effective leaders by sharing their company’s mission, inspiring creativity and earning trust from valued stakeholders.

The 10 Stories Great Leaders Share explores the journey to success. It explains not only the importance of your company’s story but also how you can craft compelling stories of your own.

  1. Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries- by Safi Bahcall

The author presents a new way of thinking about the mysteries of group behavior, and this challenges everything you thought you knew about nurturing radical breakthroughs. Safi Bahcall tried to lay out some fundamental laws of success and reveal the truth about successful group behavior. 

Loonshots is a book by Safi Bahcall, physicist turned entrepreneur. It reveals a new way of looking at group behavior. This challenges all we know about how to foster breakthroughs.

Bahcall draws on science to explain why companies, teams and any other group with a mission suddenly will change from accepting wild new ideas to rejecting them. It is just like flowing water suddenly becomes brittle ice. Culture has been the subject of mountains of printed material. Loonshots is a method that identifies small changes in structure that can control this transition. It’s similar to how temperature regulates the change from water into ice.

Bahcall uses examples that include the spread of fires within forests, the hunt for terrorists on the internet, and stories about thieves, geniuses, and kings to show how this new science can help us understand the behavior and fate of corporations. These insights are distilled into Loonshots for entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Researchers have used phase transitions over the past decade to study how birds fly, fish swim, brains function, vote, criminal behavior, ideas spread, disease erupts, and ecosystems collapse. The 21st century science will be shaped by this new type of science. 20th-century science was shaped through the search for fundamental laws like gravity and quantum mechanics. Loonshots is first to use these tools to help us all unlock our potential to make and nurture crazy ideas that will change the world.

  1. Speaking With No Fear: Go from a nervous, nauseated, and sweaty speaker to an excited, energized, and passionate presenter- by Mike Acker

Mike, in “Speaking With No Fear,” presents seven strategies that will give you a new perspective, prepare you, and give you actions to practice. Your fears will begin to fade away as you implement these strategies. 

This book makes for a refreshing read, and it will make you understand that you are not alone in your fear of public speaking. 

Are you averse to public speaking? Do you hate speaking in public? Do you feel nervous or anxious about speaking? Fear doesn’t have to stop you from speaking.

When you look at TED talks and compare yourself with your coworkers who are skilled in giving presentations, it can appear that everyone is a gifted speaker. Do not get caught up in the comparison. Instead, do something to increase YOUR abilities and overcome your fears.

You are not the only one who struggles with speaking. Public speaking is America’s number one fear.

Millions of people fear the idea of speaking in front of a large audience. It’s a necessary part of life if you want success in this world.

It could be a business presentation, a speech at school, or toast at a friend’s wedding. You are afraid of speaking. It doesn’t have. It doesn’t have to.

This book will help you. Seven strategies that you can start today will be revealed. These strategies will change your perspective. This book will help you prepare and provide you with concrete actions to put into practice. These strategies will help you to forget your fear.

This book is full of funny stories, practical tips, and lots of laugh-out-loud moments. It will teach you seven proven strategies that will help you become a better presenter. Don’t delay! You can take control of your anxiety today, calm your nerves and speak with no fear.

  1. You Got This: Everything You Need to Master Authentic Public Speaking- by Lisa Kleiman

“You Got This” offers advice to readers, not only for formal speeches but for every other public speaking events such as employment interviews, wedding toasts, and other impromptu speeches we encounter at different points in our lives.

The book presents a step-by-step, clear, and captivating guide that will ready you to speak anywhere, and to any audience.

Lisa Kleiman, a speaker consultant with a passion to communicate, is Lisa Kleiman. She has trained hundreds of people and led workshops, classes, and seminars around the world. She shares her secrets for presenting your message with clarity, confidence and authenticity in You Got This.

You Got This is full of helpful tips and guidance. It helps you plan for everything, from the big picture like who you are, to the small details like what clothes you will wear.

Lisa’s simple-to-understand guide will give you all the tools necessary to deliver a powerful speech.

  • Speech anxiety: How to manage it
  • Practice, planning and speech writing
  • Learn strategies to be a better presenter
  • Know when and how to adapt your message throughout your speech
  • Effectively planning, managing, and answering audience questions
  • Humor is a way to communicate your authentic self and use it effectively
  • Plus!

You Got This is not just for formal speeches. It also offers advice for job interviews, wedding toasts and other impromptu speeches that everyone encounters at one point or another in their lives.

You can say goodbye to public speaking, which can be a very stressful experience. These practical and strategic tips will help you win every time. This audiobook is essential for both new graduates and seasoned speakers who struggle to create compelling presentations.

  1. Ditch The Act- by Leonard Kim/Ryan Foland

Did you know that strategically presenting your humanness can help you achieve clear and defined goals? Ditch the Act will show you how. It will change your perspective on how you can find unimaginable opportunities by telling your story.

Today’s competition is fiercer than ever. Every job candidate has a stellar resume, and every business competitor excels at what they do.

Don’t fall for it. People exaggerate. Don’t let this discourage you. You will be more confident than your competitors if you share stories about failures, setbacks and personal flaws. It is possible to build lasting relationships with smart, serious people by cultivating connections.

Ditch the Act teaches you how to show your humanity – imperfect, flawed, but honest, resilient and willing to learn – in strategic ways that help you achieve clearly defined goals. This program explains why exposure is so important and how it can cultivate more lasting connections than any polished persona.

You’ll be able to build stronger relationships and more lasting relationships by creating a personal brand that is authentic, honest, and that shares your personal struggles.

Businesses and careers that are founded on truth and authenticity are more rewarding than those that are built on hype and “hard sell” tactics. They are built on solid, long-lasting relationships that can withstand any business challenges and will last a lifetime.

Be real, ditch the show and leap ahead of your competition before they even realize you’re there.

  1. Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World- by David Epstein

After examining the world’s most successful people in various fields, David Epstein discovered that generalists and not specialists are primed to succeed in most fields. 

Experts agree that anyone wanting to learn a skill or play an instrument should begin early and focus intensely. They also recommend that you practice as much as possible. You’ll never catch up with those who have a head start if you squander your time or make mistakes. However, a closer examination of research on the top performers in the world, from professional athletes to Nobel laureates shows that early specialization is not the norm.

David Epstein studied the most successful artists, musicians, scientists, forecasters, forecasters, and athletes in the world. Epstein discovered that generalists excel in many fields, especially those that are unpredictable and complex. They often find their path late and are able to manage multiple interests instead of focusing on just one. They are also more creative and more flexible than their more skilled peers, and can make connections that others cannot.

Range is provocative, rigorous, and engaging. He makes a strong case for inefficiency cultivation. Failure to pass a test is the best method of learning. Quitters often have the best careers. The most successful inventors are those who have a broad knowledge base and not just one. Experts are becoming more isolated while computers learn more skills that were once reserved for humans. People who think broad and accept different perspectives and experiences will thrive.

  1. The 100X Leader: How to Become Someone Worth Following- by Jeremie Kubicek

Do you wish to become a leader worth following? Read the 100X Leader. It will help you become a leader that will inspire your team to greatness. All you need to do is to take an honest look at yourself and apply the tools presented in the book.

You don’t need to know everything about motivating people and creating a harmonious work environment. You must be willing and able to fight if you want people to perform at their best. However, this doesn’t make you a dictator or allow you to coddle others.

A liberator is someone who will fight for your highest good even if it means sacrificing their own personal gain. This was the best leader you have ever had. Global leadership experts Jeremie Kubik and Steve Cockram discuss what makes a leader unique and how you can become one.

  • Follow the few people who are actually interested in you
  • Multiplication is your best friend. You will learn how to get the most out of people and bring out the best in them for the good of everyone.
  • Transform and empower subculture leaders to transform entire cultures

The 100x Leader program will teach you how to become and build leaders that are worth following.

If you want to find the best public speaking books, you can choose one off this list that you can relate to. To truly improve public speaking, you have to change the way you think. To achieve that, you have to read the right books. I always recommend learning from people who have already achieved success in their field, learning from them, and making my own unique style.