Chicka Chicka Boom Bill Martin Jr

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Boom, another favorite of Bill Martin Jr., can be found at almost all elementary schools and preschools in the US. The ABCs race up and down the coconut tree to tell the story. This story will be loved for many years with its vibrant illustrations and song-like rhyme.

Y Larry Baum

Finally, a book your 2-year-old can read! Part of The Bo Books series Y is a simple picture book that tells stories more through images than words. There are no words, only letters. Combining bold letters (which represent words such as “why” or “bee”) can help early readers to read well. They will learn the relationships between letters, sounds and words and what their meanings are.

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Counting the Kisses By Karen Katz

This book is a favorite of our 2 year-olds. However, we still enjoyed reading it when our children were little. It teaches numbers, counting, and there is nothing better than the many kisses between mom and baby.

Potty Leslie Patricelli

Potty joined my family when my daughter started potty training 2 years ago. It is now my son’s favorite book while he potty trains.

Your 2-year-old will love doing the potty dance with the character, despite the simple text and illustrations. It’s not uncommon to hear “tinkle, tinkle toot” at each potty time from now on. But it’s worth it.

Little Blue Truck Alice Schertle

A story about a blue truck and farm animals may be all that your 2-year-old child sees. This book can teach you so much about kindness, perseverance, and life. This book is not just for children, but it’s also great for high school students.

How do you say I love you by Hannah Eliot

How can you say “I love you”? Although it may sound different in different languages, the words mean the exact same thing. It’s a great way to introduce other languages to your child, and it’s a perfect age! ).

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