First 100 Words By Roger Priddy

This book and the rest of the series have been a favorite with our family! The book is filled with fun illustrations that even children as young at one year old can recognize as they learn how to talk. Your 2-year-old will be able to recognize familiar objects and expand his vocabulary, while also learning new words.

This bright, colorful board book will teach your child the basics of first words and pictures. You will find 100 colorful photographs that you can talk about and 100 first words to learn and read. The cover is softly padded and made of tough board, so you can have hours of fun reading them.

Quantum Physics For Babies By Chris Ferrie

Before I read this book, I had no idea what quantum physics was. But now I do know a lot! These books are fun and easy to read, which help children get started in STEM. Part of the Baby University Board Book Set.

Quantum Physics for Babies, written by an expert, is a fun introduction to the principle of quantum physics. Both babies and grownups will love it! You will be amazed at how the wild world that is atoms never stops. This installment of the Baby University series board books is a fun way to introduce basic concepts to young scientists. It’s never too late to be a quantum physicist.

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Baby Loves Coding by Ruth Spiro

The Baby Loves Science series will introduce your 2-year-old to STEM topics in a developmentally appropriate manner. The Baby Loves Coding book is a favorite of mine because my husband works in IT. This book allows Daddy to share his work with the children. You should also check out the other titles!

It may surprise you how much your 2-year-old will learn from an ABC space book! My 3 and 2 year old love to read about planets and stars. Our 3-year-old daughter often tells me she would like to become an astronaut and go to the moon. This book will allow them to communicate their thoughts in the right words and spark an interest in science early on.

This board book is accurate enough to please an expert but simple enough to be understood by a baby. It demonstrates the use logic, sequence and patterns to solve problems. Baby can think like a programmer to fix her train. To encourage baby’s wonder, beautiful and visually stimulating illustrations are used in conjunction with age-appropriate language. Parents and caregivers might also learn something!

Opposites With Frank Lloyd Wright By Mudpuppy

Opposites is also on our top list of books for 2 years olds. It’s great for helping toddlers learn new vocabulary and helps them communicate. It is a fun book that entertains young readers and introduces the concept of opposites. Wright’s famous works are used to teach words like round/pointy or bright/dark as well as city/nature.

Mudpuppy’s Opposites with Frank Lloyd Wright Board Book is the sequel to Mudpuppy’s bestseller My First Shapes with Frank Lloyd Wright. It entertains and introduces children to the concept of opposites. Wright’s famed works are used to illustrate colorful spreads that show hard and soft, round and pointy, nature and city, among other things.

Opposites is the sequel to the Mudpuppy board book bestseller My first Shapes With Frank Lloyd Wright.

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